Foxrock Local History Outings in 2017


Foxrock Local History Club Annual day out in Kilkenny

Hi everybody,

What a day we had on our annual outing.

This must surely be the hottest day we ever had for an outing.

We had forty seven members and friends on our coach leaving Foxrock and we managed not to lose anybody and so had the same number on return. I believe this is good when organisers manage to do this.

After a first stop for our coffee break we toured Kilkenny Castle which for most of us was very much enhanced and restored since we last saw it. Well done to the OPW.

   There we are. Well at least the first half of our group

While the rest watched a video of castle history.

The Great picture hall and its wonderful roof

The Moorish Stairway.


The ‘Oriental ‘ Bedroom.

The children’s room. And the dolls are not really dolls but salesmen’s models for clothes samples of the time.


        And occasional views of the garden


A lovely lunch in Anocht restaurant.

After lunch we visited Kilkenny’s newest attraction, the Medieval Mile Museum.

You would go there just to hear the guide. A great and entertaining performance whilst most informative. I didn’t know the OPW did humour and wit. Above see a Butler (of Ormonde) testing the King’s wine

Then Across the road and down to Rothe House Beautifully restored and with its garden also restored and a joy to visit in the bright sunshine or to find a shady seat.  

That’s our lovely Hon. Treasurer all on his own.

Here in Rothe House the propeller and the patent papers for the first powered flight machine, well before the Wright Brothers. Who Knew that?

Not Fake news Mr. President, we were there first!



Finally, Down the street and up the hill. Ugh! In this heat, ah but well worth it to visit St. Canice’s Cathedral.

Beautiful Stained glass and the two on left and right are Harry Clark studio pieces.









Finishing at St Canice’s at 6p.m. we headed home





We will see you again in September