OUR PUBLIC MEETINGS FOR 2023-24 (Always the 3rd Tuesdays of the month)


NEW RELEASE – VIDEO TOUR OF BLACKROCK BY MICHAEL O’FLAHERTY (c) David Owen  See this and our other  VIDEOS OF LOCAL INTEREST section for tours around Deansgrange Cemetery -Killiney & Dalkey – Carriglea Industrial School

OUR NEXT HISTORY CLUB MEETING IS ON TUESDAY JANUARY 16th 2024 – (in the Foxrock Pastoral Parish Centre only) at 20:00

TOPIC:- The accidental diplomat: my years in the Irish Foreign Service, 1987-1995

SPEAKER: Eamon Delaney

Eamon Delaney, started his career in the Department of Foreign Affairs at the age of 24. It was 1987, the eve of Charles Haughey’s triumphant return to power. Tense times for the diplomats of Iveagh House. From lonely nights at the Soviet Desk to glamorous soirées during Ireland’s presidency of the emerging European Union.

Eamon Delaney kept his ear to the ground – a useful skill when wedged precariously between Iran, Iraq and Israel at the UN General Assembly. More useful still when, at the Irish Consulate, he travelled the strange world of Irish America, doing battle with radical nationalists and having to indulge in a painful amount of céilí dancing.

Then there was Northern Ireland, and the Peace Process of 1993-1995, where no amount of dining, spying and manipulation was spared in the pursuit of the ultimate goal – the greater good of officialdom.  Hilarious and at times deadly serious, An Accidental Diplomat offers a wry and irreverent view of the backstage dealings at foreign affairs.

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The annual membership covers from September 2023 to July 2024 and is €20. This entitles you to 8 talks, free to our two short summer outings and preference for places on our full day summer outings.  Please renew this as soon as possible to help us manage the club’s running expenses.

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( The talks are on the third Tuesdays of the month in the Foxrock Parish Pastoral Centre Hall  )




Feb 20th

With the 6th Battalion – South County Dublin and the War of Independence 1916-1921

 Speaker – James Brady

Mar 19th

A Forgotten Irish Author: Cornelius Ryan, ‘The longest Day’ and ‘A Bridge Too Far’

Speaker – Philip Lecane

Apr 16th

New research notes on the building of Dun Laoghaire Harbour

 Speaker – Donal O’Sullivan

May 21st

A Night of Artifacts 

 All Members to give a short synopsis of an artifact of interest they have.

All our meetings are held in the Foxrock Pastoral Centre, which is at the junction of the N11 and Kill Lane. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month between September and May. The meetings start at 20:00 with an introduction, this is then followed by the main talk. After the talk there is an opportunity for questions and answers. Then after, the vote of thanks, tea and biscuits are served and you can get a chance to meet the speakers and ask questions you may have.